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Reason for being return customer

 Was a QVC customer quite a few yrs ago  because I felt QVC had become stale with  offered items    and hosts approach  to sales  techniques .  The phrase " my friend  " is  an overused  canned phrase  on some shopping channels  .  Also the approach of being overly giddy by some hosts  is   annoying .   Decided to   take another look at  QVC  as I was channel surfing one night  , tuned in on one of Shawn Killinger's show  .  Give me the facts about  an item  and give me good camera shots on how it fits  or  functions .  I am glade to see so many new  faces  and opinions on QVC . I'm over 60 but feel that some of the  younger voices more hip on  what is in now  has brought me back as a customer .

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Re: Reason for being return customer

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Refreshing to hear a positive comment on hosts.  Welcome back!