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Re: Read before you click

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I find it surprising at the number of posts about Easy Pay being the default payment.  I cant believe that people dont read what they are clicking on when their money and/or CC's are being used.  Just happy clickers I guess.


Save yourself some aggravation and read before you click.  If you dont read then you get what you deserve, in otherwords its your fault.

Not if that was not the default before and the change to make it default was made without notification.


I rarely buy from QVC, so I can't say. But, others say that this change was made recently with no notification. 




I refer you to the statement posted by QVC last summer (and chatted about by posters in multi threads)

You dont have to refer me anywhere. Please note that I wrote the word if in my comment. You even quoted it. 


You may refer those who say they received no notification to the other thread. 


Lol!!  I read your word if, @ILTH 

I'm aware you were repeating what others had posted elsewhere. You made that clear.

I didn't use the @ symbol to notify you because my post wasn't directed to you, but rather a response to the content, which was repeated again, which is untrue.

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Re: Read before you click

I posted something similar in another thread response, but it boggles my mind that people don't look more carefully at what they're agreeing to purchase. I don't like the new checkout page, either, but there are two different places where it clearly states that Easy Pay is being applied and offers big obvious buttons to click to edit that option if you want to change it. One is even right above "Place Order," so it's hard for me to understand why people say they didn't see that an order was on Easy Pay.

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Re: Read before you click

On the day last week that was Denim & Co TSV I tried to purchase something that was on the D&C show JaneT hosted, anyway there was no option available to change to single pay. Don’t know what was going on but they lost my sale because I moved on to other things. I call this trick tactics. Anyway notice they have since added the single pay option again. The customer should always make the choice of how they want to pay not have a retail establishment dictate it.
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Re: Read before you click

Speed buy has always defaulted to easy pay, and I really like the new checkout system. It's all spelled out and simple to choose a single payment. If I want to get the item home and not be committed to the full payment I use easy pay, and if I decide to keep it I can go into my easy pay orders and pay the remaining balance. I like the flexability. 

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Re: Read before you click

caveat emptor - buyer beware. A $10 word and term telling people to read and be more informed when making purchases. We used to think of this as buying homes, vehicles and big items, but alas, with new technology -- we have to think in these terms.


The principle means the buyer alone is responsible for checking the quality and suitability of goods before a purchase is made. 


I learned my lesson when I made an HSN purchase late at night when tired. A package of 3 items and I typed in 3. It popped up that I had purchased 3 items or 9 things. Thankfully, I called customer service immediately and they took mercy on me, but they didn't have to. Learned my lesson. 

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Re: Read before you click

What's more confusing to me is the constant switching between the two forms of checkout.  Sometimes I get the "old" one, sometimes the new.  That make me have to go slowly throughout the whole process to make sure I've clicked on what I have meant to.


If the "new" checkout was consistent (and worked properly), it would become familiar just like the old one did.  

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Re: Read before you click

I've noticed, too, that an bubble pops up, with a note to bring your attention to a process that has changed.

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Re: Read before you click

With QVC pushing the dreaded easy pay on their victims....what is in it for  QVC?  It has to be monetary or they would not offer it.  

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Re: Read before you click

Not a big deal. 

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Re: Read before you click

I don´t understand why customers are so against Easy Pay. Many here complain about not receiving their refunds in a timely manner. ¨They are holding up my $200¨ Isn´t it better to use Easy Pay and if you have to return the item, the refund won´t be as much, only one Easy Pay? If you are keeping the item, just go to your account and pay the entire amount.