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Rakuten and QVC - update to disqualifying purchases

Just wanted to give an update on the previous questions about some purchases not showing from QVC.  My particular one was for 10% cash back, so it was a higher amount then the normal measly 1% that is offered.


I checked my account and it showed the purchase and the correct amount of the order, but said that QVC didn't qualify that purchase from back in January.


I was enticed to purchase the items with the 10% back, and haven't returned or asked for price adjustments, it wasn't on clearance, etc., so wondered why QVC didn't honor the offer.


I used the "missing cash back" under the help section, asking about why it wasn't showing on my account, and they responded via email looking for an receipt, so I got one on-line, emailed it to them last night, and today they emailed back stating that the cash has now been added to my account and they would get with QVC.


So everyone, it pays to ask (or email) sometimes - curious on why QVC didn't want to honor the amount initially, but regardless, I got my money....and all the "missing purchases" that others had mentioned had been added back on the same day as the previous post, so perhaps it was a glitch in their system because they were also generating my quarterly check during the same time.

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Re: Rakuten and QVC - update to disqualifying purchases

I'm glad you posted.  I use Rakutan all the time, never thought of watching the amounts that are supposed to be in my account.  I will now check.  Thanks for the heads up!

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Re: Rakuten and QVC - update to disqualifying purchases

I haven't been happy with Rakuten at all.  Everytime they email me with how much I have and when they send the check it is always much less than what they told me before.