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Qvc is really going downhill

I cancelled two Denim & Co. orders from Qvc because I waited two months and the order still had not shipped.  Then the order that was supposed to go out 9/15  did not ship.  Also an order from It cosmetics has been stuck in route to Rocky mount for 10 days.  So they refunded me and supposedly canceled that one.  I know about the shipping problems and some places I order from (Hsn) take a little longer but not the problems the Q has.  I plan to pay off all the easy pays by spring and then I will not order anymore. Returns take forever, forget about exchanges.... It is a shame since I have been shopping here for close to 35 years.  



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Re: Qvc is really going downhill

If its helps at all, there seems to be shipping issues with a lot of places.  I ordered a top from a company 3-4 weeks ago and it still is in process!  I keep remembering how things were before pandemic and before a certain other occurrence which happened which I will not state because I know it's forbidden....  I understand, I really do --- it's all very frustrating.  I am tired of not being able to get what I want, when I want and at prices I want from all over the place, not only on-line but at actual stores!  Let's hope for better times coming!  

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Re: Qvc is really going downhill

I ordered a few items directly from the IT website (Tightline mascara and Je Ne Sais Quoi lip flush) a couple of weeks back and they arrived a little over a week after ordering.

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Re: Qvc is really going downhill

I've ordered from It and you can also purchase It products from Ulta. 

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Re: Qvc is really going downhill

Some things we have been experiencing can't be explained by us, but I do think QVC is suffering from serious supply chain issues and worker shortages. 


QVC can't do anything about shipper delays.  It's out of their hands after orders have been picked up.  


It's been hit or miss for me.  I've had a few orders ship within 2-4 days.  One, 11 days in preparing your order, is an in-stock item from last year.  I am unable to cancel it.  


Try telling QVC on Feedback at the bottom of the page.  I don't think anyone with influence to do anything about it reads Forum comments.   

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Re: Qvc is really going downhill

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I've ordered more from the Q this past year than I have in the past.  I've only had a few packages that were delayed.  Most of them arrived in a reasonable time frame. 


I've never been in a big hurry to receive anything I've ordered - so the few delays I did experience was not a problem.

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Re: Qvc is really going downhill

I've had orders delayed from other companies recently.  Some delayed more than once and for extended periods.  So I can understand shipping and delivery delays.

However, all were cleared stated on the product page and before I placed the orders that the products would be delayed.  And if they were delayed longer than the initial estimate, I was notified and had the option to cancel the order if I chose.



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Re: Qvc is really going downhill

My last 3 or 4 orders, placed in the last week, shipped in 24 hours.  UPS seems to be delivering most of my orders.  Both have stepped up their game

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Re: Qvc is really going downhill

@chiclet  .. you can also find some IT cosmetics on Amazon.  

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Re: Qvc is really going downhill

Our Post Office recently showed a picture of their mail room, where boxes are stacked high all over the space. Mail carriers are working two shifts every day to deliver packages. The post asked for "kindness and patience" as they try to deal with the back-up. I feel badly for them.

I have gotten all my QVC items within a few days. maybe because I live in Pa.