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Re: Qurate Q1 2022 Financial report

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As a consumer and customer I find the info VERY interesting ....I want to see how the company is doing to know whether I can count on it as a viable retail option....


I thought the excuses were an interesting long can one use supply chain problems as an excuse...


And the Ukraine thing was way off base ..... this impacts more of a food chain issue due to the Ukraine being the main supplier of wheat for many countries ....and I dont think it has an impact on the mood of shoppers in the U.S. for the retail products Qurate offers...customers might have given to charities to help the Ukraine people and therefore, that might impact surplus cash to spend but I dont think even that has much of a retail impact at all for QVC....SMH


EXCUSES,EXCUSES but not the issues we care about and bring to their attention here on the Forums...with the continuing decline in revenues maybe they SHOULD listen to their customers!!!

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Re: Qurate Q1 2022 Financial report

Especially interesting is the declaration that 89% of shipped sales are to existing members.


Current members are 5.3 million, down from 5.5 million last year.


Downhill all the way 😮


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Re: Qurate Q1 2022 Financial report

Don't like excuses.  Ukraine is an easy target.


My feelings.  1.  High prices 2. Hosts who do not actually explain the products or do so and then carry on with endless chatter.  Not like the old days.  3. No real variety in product choices.  Some over and over and over. 

4. No interest in listening to or reading the forums to see if anyone has an opinion that might help.  5.  Issues with shipping. AND WHY NOT CREATE A SYSTEM FOR FREE SHIPPING LIKE ZULILY.  Shopping cart approach.  That alone would do it.  

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Re: Qurate Q1 2022 Financial report

@banned again wrote:

@Desertdi  Yes, one of those excuses is that "the situation in Ukraine led to depressed consumer sentiment." I'm not sure where they're getting that information. I've seen posters on this board saying they were going to buy something but reconsidered due to the shipping charge, or that they don't even watch because of the annoying hosts, but I never saw one person state that the situation in Ukraine influenced their decision to buy or not buy.

This is the most ridiculous thing stated in the report. I don't think anyone will be making shopping decisions based on the Russian/Ukrainian conflict.