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Just this week, I received "as is" items with polar opposite results: My Harry Slatkin pinecone candle pedestal was beautiful and perfect with no indication of what might have caused it to be sold as a non-new item. However, my VPH quilted candle pedestals arrived with the lighting elements completely detached and the bases splintered into little glass shards that were distributed dangerously throughout the packaging. (At least they were red, making them easy to see.)


It really is a hit-or-miss process . . . but as others have noted, sometimes that's one of the more interesting parts of the experience.  Smiley Wink

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As Is Clothing and shoes, no thanks.  Other things okay.  Just my opinion. 

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@faeriemoon wrote:

As Is can be hit or miss.  Some things are fine and some look like they were taken out of the garbage pail.  If you don't mind taking the risk of having to make a return you can give it a try.  Just be prepared to follow up the return with a call to Customer Service to get your $6.95 back, because the geniuses in the returns department charged you return shipping fees for your garbage item.



My experience as well @faeriemoon .