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Re: QVC's 35th Birthday Party – November 24, 2021

Happy 35th Birthday QVC. I see what others are saying and I tend to agree how their birthday wouldn’t exist without us but I want to celebrate QVC because they have impacted my life for 35 years. I rolled back today’s date 35 years in my life and that would take us to November, 1986. I don’t think I was a viewer on that date but I was close. I just watched their first broadcast, found here … …. and I hope I wasn’t watching that night. That was pretty sad! :-) However, I know I was watching QVC sometime in 1987 and have watched ever since. As I think about the time QVC has been in my life, I realize it is stunning to reflect of how QVC has worked their way into my life and my home. I have enjoyed many of their personalities that have brought us all sorts of products. Some of our favorite hosts have worked themselves into our hearts to the point that if I saw them on the street, I would greet them as friends. And then there are the products that we have been driven to. That in itself would be a very interesting blog that QVC should develop. I’ll start. I love, love my Lug bags but who also remembers the Freedom Bags? I treasure both, whether old or new. How about Linda Dano and those items of hers we still use? She may not be on QVC any longer but she is still with us in life and in our minds. I still have some of her special items. I remember the first time I ever learned about Bare Minerals. That was my first deep dive into makeup that I had never made before. I remember watching Leslie Blodgett on QVC and trying to learn. And to this day, what would I do without Bisque? Silver Style, the Sunday morning time when we would get to see jewelry like we hadn’t seen before. I remember when they use to insert a commercial about some kind of computer device coming up and I would just hate it because I wanted to see more jewelry. Jai jewelry has just added to that addiction. I was never interested in kitchen stuff but slowly David would get us to pay attention and slowly more kitchen items found their way into my home. Rick has been a delight to us for years. He hasn’t aged a bit and keeps us laughing and buying. We are lucky to have him in our lives. What enthusiasm. Valerie’s creations make a statement in our home year ‘round. How is someone so creative? Bethlehem Lights and Luminara light up my home every night, no matter the season. Both are just delightful. Berkshire items keep me warm at night. It’s amazing how light they are and yet warming. Now we just need someone to come up with something to keep us cool in the summer. And just so I don’t leave out those two powerhouses, Kirsten and Alberti, I jumpstart my Saturday with you two. There are not enough words to let you know how much I appreciate your enthusiasm. Just know, I exercise when you do! I could go on and on in regards to the impact that QVC has made in my home, my life and my knowledge. I can easily think of the way I wake up with Jayne with early morning fashions, the trust we give to Carolyn, whether it be Denim & Co. or gardening. Courtney is a delight with her enthusiasm. Ali is as sincere and delightful as they come and Amy doesn’t let us turn away. I almost hate to stop mentioning hosts because all of them have a positive influence in our lives. They wouldn’t be there if they didn’t connect with us. When I think about the influence QVC has made in my life, I wonder if it is their birthday or mine as I seem to have gotten a lot of presents from them. QVC is celebrating their part in history but I am celebrating their part in my life. Thank you QVC.