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I have never been more disappointed in what I am seeing available at QVC and other retail outlets. Plastic, polyester, and other synthetic junk. There is plenty to buy. It is the quality available that is disappointing.
Everything is plastic, polyester, or some other synthetic. They can make polyester look good but it is still a byproduct of plastic. It, and the other synthetics are hot to wear when the temperature is above 65 degrees.They are also difficult to keep looking nice.
Leather and suede are almost nonexistent. If not for the Irish wool sweaters there would be hardly any wool on the website. Cotton is also disappearing. Hardly any cotton pajamas and the few that they had were outrageously expensive. This is not by accident. They push those who manufacture these materials out of the market. They flood the market with synthetics. That is what happened when the whole globalization scam began during the 60s. Cheap imports that the huge “humanitarian” corporations flooded the market with pushed domestic businesses into bankruptcy. Then the big corporations were able to buy whatever defunct businesses they wanted, keep the same brand name, but sent the jobs to that totalitarian regime where the workers have no say about their day to day lives much less their wages and and working conditions. Zero environmental regulations either.
The plastics and the synthetic fabrics help to continue to pollute the environment. The country where most plastic and other synthetic products are made is the most polluted country in the world. No, the USA is not the number one polluter of the world. Over 85% of the items that we buy are not even made here. Even many of our medicines are not made here. People have been wearing masks in and around that country for many years, not because of disease but because the air is so filthy. That country’s name is printed on about 90% of what we buy. They are destroying the environment but no one says anything because it is neatly tucked away on the other side of the world.
I remember having nice quality toys as a child. Not the plastic that everything is made of today. Remember when they switched from paper to plastic bags in the stores because we were killing too many trees? Now plastic is killing people, animals, and eventually everything else.
What we are left with this year is the result of what the leadership of this country and other western countries have been doing for the past 60 years. Millions of western jobs have been disappeared and no one seems to care.
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@gnomie1   AMEN!    Well said!!    TY!

Feelings are simply human
How we deal with, ..or express those feelings .. is our choice
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Bravo, Mr Sour!
My husband and give to many charities as well, and find that so many people (some we were shocked to discover) don’t give one red cent to the less fortunate, but spend, spend, spend on things they already have dozens of. Every day I see the delivery trucks at their homes. Don’t understand.
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I agree with you regarding the shipping and how expensive it becomes when purchasing more than one or two items...there was a time they did not charge  additional shipping if you purchased multples of an item... I have cut back due to this policy...of EACH item having shipping charges added to the purchase...  esp since FREE shipping is offered everywhere now...