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Re: QVC heading down the Sears path?

@ladyann45 wrote:

No one is picking up  the cost for shipping, it is included in the cost of goods. I was in retail and when we priced it included the cost. If they shipped everything without it they would not have that much profit. Major companies know the art of getting you to think it is shipped without cost. QVC shipping is not that high, but you have to complain about something.

If the s/h is built in to the product, then QVC is getting paid twice on that.


I can order many beauty products from other on-line retailers like Macy's or Nordstrom that offer free s/h for the same price QVC sells the products for but Q charges s/h.  So why would I order from QVC? 


9 times out of 10 if I want an item presented on QVC that is also sold out in retail, I can find it cheaper out in retail and many times also with free s/h.   There was a pair of shoes I liked during the FFANY event.  For the heck of it I did a google search and found the same shoes for $40.00 cheaper and free s/h on another shoe site.  Guess where I bought those shoes?  Not QVC.  

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Re: QVC heading down the Sears path?

Few brands carried by QVC have maintained the quality and value of years past. Convenience? Ordering is easy enough, receiving what you ordered in a timely fashion? not so much. Shipping cost of $3.00-$5.00 per item? often a deal breaker.

We want more free shipping days. Target just announced free shipping on any size order through Christmas, as many other large retailers are doing.

They will get my Christmas money, not QVC.

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Re: QVC heading down the Sears path?

 All of the  " young women" I know consider QVC to be hokey and laughable. They give you an eye roll for mentioning QVC. I think,  their days are numbered. 

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Re: QVC heading down the Sears path?

I'm not sure why Q thinks that hiring 6 new, probably very well compensated hosts is going to help them compete;  that to me seems like a really faulty deployment of resources; stores like Target and Kohl's and Macy's may well outlast QVCHSN since they are focusing on the shipping and turnaround issue. 


Focusing on shiny, pretty faces isn't going to save this dinosaur from extinction.


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Re: QVC heading down the Sears path?

@webbgarner1  I get the "eye roll" all the time from the younger set, especially my daughter.  She and hubby are Amazon Prime customers all the way for online purchases.  So is her still single brother.


On lunch break from work she dashes into brick and mortar stores for purchases.

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Re: QVC heading down the Sears path?

@snoop wrote:

@this is my nic wrote:

I guess having a Kardashian line of clothes at Sears just wasn't enough to save the company!  Wonder what brilliant mind came up with that idea. 

My daughter and I walked through a Sears store a couple years ago to get into the mall.  We looked at the Kardashian items and had a good laugh.  I wonder how often the K clan stepped foot into a Sears store other than for the hoopla when their junk was introduced.  Yes, I said junk! 

Little wonder why Sears is becoming a has been retailer.  Poor quality!   Sears used to sell quality products at middle of the road prices.    Evidently now, the quality is lacking and people have alternatives to turn to. 

I'm pretty sure I've seen a Kris Kardashian clothing item here on qvc too. 

@snoop not only did QVC sell Kris Kardashian clothing, they also sold the Kardashian girls line. It was called K-Dash. I know b/c I purchased a cape from their line on QVC some years ago.

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Re: QVC heading down the Sears path?

And then they ship several orders in one box, really a con!
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Re: QVC heading down the Sears path?

@queendiva That's good about the free shipping at Target.  I've been ordering a lot from Target lately and always get free shipping.  Also, 5% discount with a Target Card.  I've been ordering a lot of groceries (canned goods, etc.) as well as food items for donations and purchased some gifts and, of course, household items.  Target's shipping has become really fast.  If you go through their "restock" I think you get items within two days.

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Re: QVC heading down the Sears path?

Another problem I have experienced is quality. Instead of hiring 6 new program hosts, they should hire 6 new Quality Assurance people. I have had to send back now 4 items [all jewelry] that were missing stones and broken. Dont they look before they send out? Its frustrating to wait the 10 days to get the item, then the hassle to return it and then wait another 10 days for the replacement. By the time the whole transaction is done its about a month! Just bad service all around.

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Re: QVC heading down the Sears path?

@LipstickDiva wrote:

Look at the Q2 Big Deal today.  A pair of sweater knit slippers that are originally $24.95.  The special price is $19.95 and then they are charging $5.50 to ship them.  That's nuts. They might as well just have kept the price the same and offered free s/h.            


^^  THIS.   I had 5 pairs of those slippers in my cart for my nieces' Christmas gifts.   When I saw the total shipping of $27.50 and then they charge me TAX on the shipping, I abandoned my cart.   I can do so much better at Kohl's or Target... and I will.  


So yeah, QVC needs to shape up or they will definitely be in Sears' position before long.