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If you purchased QVC gift cards as I did, check the balance on your cards.

To my surprise, of the five individual gift cards that I purchased, only one had money on it.  I'm glad this error was discovered before I gave these cards as gifts!

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That is terrible, how embarrassing that could have been. So smart of you to check the balances. 

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@shy bobcat    Good luck getting it straightened out.  The issuing company usually blames QVC while the Q blames the issuer.  Back and forth. 

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had problems purchasing gift cards in the past....don't attempt it anymore....

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i always got my mom gift cards from qvc.. for christmas, her birthday.. but i stopped. i heard alot of people saying that when they went to use them, they didnt work.. and they had to go through the company they got the card from and not qvc.. it's a big hassle.. always loved getting her cards.. but no more. it's not worth all the hassle most dont work. i stopped getting them years ago.

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I haven't bought a gift card for many years, and so far, I have had no complaints about how difficult it is to cash a check.

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One bad problem with trying to use a QVC gift card several years ago left a bad taste in my mouth. Never again!
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After all the issues I've read here about these gift cards, I don't think I'd want to purchase any.