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Re: QVC Why are you still allowing this?

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@Meowshmarrow wrote:


They are not spammers, they are trolls.


I agree QVC should not accept those nonsese reviews.



@Meowshmarrow, yes, you're right. I went back and edited my post changing the wording. They're evil, idiot TROLLS! Exhibit A has just posted on the Customer Care forum in the exact manner I spoke of. Woman Frustrated 

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Re: QVC Why are you still allowing this?

Sign... never Woman Frustratedmind.

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Re: QVC Why are you still allowing this?

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And yet I can't count how many reviews I've left for items I HAVE purchased that were never published.  EVERY one of them was for something I was not exactly happy with but I wasn't nasty.  The last one was the Philosophy TSV that I felt was misrepresented as Coconut and I stated that in the review.  It has still never been published.  I have a pretty bad taste in my mouth anymore toward QVC including returns that sit in a black hole forever with no ability to track them and the way they have ruined the Wish List (which I haven't been able to access for a couple of days so maybe they are FINALLY going to fix it).  Unless it's something I absolutely can't live without and can't find anywhere else I don't buy from them anymore.

All the reveiws I've written for products have always been published.  It's strange that none of yours ever made it to the reviews. 

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Re: QVC Why are you still allowing this?

I offer one caveat to a potential mandate that the reviewer being the purchaser: when one receives an item as a gift or observes the item with someone else.
(I recently reviewed a California Innovations tote when
I observed my grocery delivery person using it and talked to her about it. Even put it on my shoulder)
Any review, in those circumstances, should show clearly that the purchase of the item is not verified.