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Is anyone else having issues accessing QVC Live Chat? I have 4 browsers - Firefox, Edge, Chrome & Internet Explorer. Up until 2 weeks ago, the only browser I could access Live Chat was in Internet Explorer but now I don't have the option to Live Chat there either! In the other 3 browsers, I can't get past SUBMIT to take me to a Live Agent.


I have tried clearing history, refreshing & restarting my PC but nothing works! QVC Agent by the name of Susan told me that they "have not received any complaints from anyone else about not accessing Live Chat and it's working on their end" but I have 8 family members & friends that I asked to access from their PCs and they all told me they couldn't so I'm curious if anyone is using a WINDOWS 10 PC - not mobile phone or iPad to access Live Chat and if it is working for you?


Any solutions anyone has that worked for you would be greatly appreciated since QVC is too lazy to fix or even look into the matter! I'm fed up lately at their rudeness & incompetence! I can access Live Chat with any other online retailer - including HSN - but not QVC! That tells me that the issue is on their end - not mine!

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There is a lot wrong with Q's systems so I'm not surprised chat doesn't work. 

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I used live chat last week and it was fine for me. 

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I am blocked from commenting on QVC Live on Facebook with no reason why.  People post rude and naasty comments about the hosts and are still able to comment!  I haven't made rude comments but for some unexplained reason can't comment.  I have reached out to QVC and Facebook but no one can help or provide an answer... nobody knows anything!!  What I know is that I will be cancelling my QVC account and never buying anything more from QVC!!!! 

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I just used it yesterday with no issue.

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I sent a question via email to the social team.  In the past a reply was quick, that was several days ago and I have yet to get hear back.