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Very unhappy with QVC new account promos.  QVC offered February 23, 2020 any new accounts opened that day would be given $50 credit toward the purchase of the I Roomba TSV.  The Hosts all touted this offer all day.  I opened a new account and the QVC credit card.  I have been waiting the 6 months for my credit.  Was told today since I have no more Easy Pays, ( I have 2 more) that QVC cannot apply my $50 credit.  Looks like the old bait and switch game to me.  Don't fall for the new account promos from QVC.  I am paying off my balance and will be closing all my QVC accounts.  Very unhappy with previous customer service chats telling me the credit would be applied and now I will not be getting the credit.  Buyer be ware.

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@Wildman Steve    It's not a scam but there are very specific instructions for use of this credit.  Some people can't follow directions.  Contact our mods at for an explanation.

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Okay Wildman Steve with post 1 and New Member

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Usually when QVC offers this special it is usually for a future purchase.

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@Dinaki wrote:

Okay Wildman Steve with post 1 and New Member

@Dinaki I have notice quite a few of these today. Hmmmm.

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"Some people can't follow directions" probably could have been left off 🙏🏼

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@Wildman Steve  Here's the current Qcard offer which explains the process & hopefully answers your concerns:


Subject to credit approval. Offer valid from 12:00am ET on August 10, 2020 to 11:59pm ET on August 14, 2020. To qualify, you must (i) open a QCard account during the specified offer period and (ii) make a purchase by August 31, 2020. QVC will post the QVC account credit to the QVC accounts of qualifying QCard holders within 6-8 weeks after the conclusion of the offer period but may delay issuance in its discretion in order to investigate any suspected fraud or violation of the terms of this offer. If QVC determines that any purchase violated the terms of this offer, then QVC will be entitled to void the QVC account credit issued in connection with such purchase without notice. Offer is limited to one QVC account credit per QCard account. Auto-Delivery customers are only eligible for one QVC account credit. No additional QVC account credits will be sent in connection with any subsequent Auto-Delivery shipments. Offer not valid for items ordered on Waitlist or for the purchase of QVC gift cards. Auto-Delivery items and Advance Order items that are not ordered during the offer period, but subsequently ship during the offer period, are not eligible for this offer. Offer is not valid for existing QCard holders. Qualifying purchases that are canceled or returned prior to issuance of the QVC account credit will void this offer. The QVC account credit issued in connection with this offer may be used toward QVC merchandise purchases (excluding QVC gift cards) of your choice made by February 28, 2021. Must select the QVC account credit as a Payment Method at checkout on for it to be applied to your total transaction amount at checkout or call QVC Customer Service at 1-800-345-1515 to place your order and redeem your QVC account credit. This QVC account credit may not be redeemed for cash and may not be used as payment on your QCard account. This QVC account credit is not valid at any QVC retail location. The QVC account credit may only be used for a one-time purchase. If the credit is used at checkout to pay for a product from QVC, the credit is voided and may not be used again, including if the product is returned to QVC. This QVC account credit will expire on February 28, 2021. Offer is not transferable and cannot be combined with any other account opening offer. QVC reserves the right to suspend or change the offer at any time without notice. This offer is sponsored by QVC, Inc. and not Synchrony Bank.

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@Wildman Steve  I see you only have one post, so allow me to WELCOME you to the forums!😊


I'm sorry for your recent experience, but please follow the advice from Kachina624, and contact the social team. They work diligently to help resolve these types of issues.👍


 It's not a scam, but the language has previously been misunderstood by a few posters, so you are not alone.😊 


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@Dinaki wrote:

Okay Wildman Steve with post 1 and New Member

That really doesn't mean anything.  Unhappy customers can set up a user name to post their concerns.  They're doing it to get their point across to QVC and warn others, not necessarily for any of us to respond.  
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Warn us of what?


There are specifics for each promo and the OP didn't understand them?


No scam, just a misunderstanging on the purchaser's part.  As stated, contact the Social Team and they will explain it.


Nothing to warn us of!