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I called tonight to cancel an order that had been in processing for four days, costing me almost $13 in shipping. Each day I checked they changed the date of the label being printed. It was ordered 2-24, tonight it stated the label was printed 2-28 (today's date ). After having going through this last month I decided that was it and I was going to cancel. When I called customer service I was told I could not cancel it. She explained how it can take longer for some items to process, which quite frankly I have heard before. When I got off the phone I checked the order status online again and this time it said it SHIPPED! However, when I clicked on the order # it said was IN PROCESS and the LABEL PRINTED DATE had been changed to 2-25. So I called customer service back and asked for a supervisor and after waiting a girl told me she was connecting me with her supervisor. I sat on the phone and waited and waited, but no idividual ever came on the line. So QVC your order page states an item has shipped, on the order page it does not show that, there is no tracking information and I never received an e-mail stating it shipped. This is a new low for you QVC!