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I went to a HUGE Garage Sale today with hundreds and hundreds of QVC items, most never used. I scored for $20 (most items were $1 or $2), Carole Hochman, WEN, Joan Rivers, Denim & CO, VPH, Flameless Candles, Callista, Vera Bradley & Fit 4 U. I am extremely excited by this finding!

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Wow!  You really were lucky there!  Enjoy your stuff!

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Enjoy your good buys....wish i could have been there also.

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Sounds like you struck gold.

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Good for you on your garage sale purchases.  It is fun to get a great deal on things you will use.


That being said, you have to wonder about the woman who purchased all those items and apparently did not get full use out of them or her money's worth.  Years ago our office UPS driver said he delivered multiple QVC packages to a local house for a shut in.  He said the packages would sit for days outside, just piling up, many never being opened.  I would bet there are a lot of people who buy things from shopping channels just because they are lonely and have nothing else to do, so they order things they have no use for.  It is really rather sad.

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Lucky you!

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You are right. They mentioned a family member passed and she was quite fond of QVC. There was literally multiple of many items, the angel flameless candles there had to be about 2 dozen.I wonder the reasoning behind it as well. They talked about having a 2nd sale since only a 1/3 of the items were out for this weekend's sale. 

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The new rage in my area is The Community YardSale pages on FB. Just saw a posting of someone unloading a huge amount of Temptations...she was asking $5 for each piece. Large casserole dishes to small ramakin name the item she had it. Said her mother in law was addicted to QVC and she was inundated with cook/bakeware. She just wanted to get rid of it!!!

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I was appointed by the court last year to be the PR of an estate of a woman who died the previous year. My job to empty the house, which turned out to be organized hoarding. Everything was from QVC. 200 pairs of shoes unworn in boxes, 1500 pieces of Ripka and other similar jewelry items, 150 bottles of Wen. It went on and on and on. Did I mention the 40 Marie Osmond dolls? I called in an auction company and they had a sale in two large warehouses over two days. They wrote the estate a check for over $50K, which was net of their packing expenses and commission. Can u imagine the retail value of all that stuff? Sad, sad, sad. What it did was force me to review my shopping habits, not a bad thing.

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Just went to a estate sale over the weekend -- it was the same a lot of QVC merchandise most still in original packaging.


lots of vph Christmas and fall items, wen gallons of shampoos, LNL, temptations and ton of other stuff. Most the stuff was triplicate of the same!


i was good bought nothing but came home and realized yikes that could my kids someday clearing out my house (even though I think I'm pretty good lately!)


congrats on on your good finds!