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Did anyone get a chance to see the item Q says we didn't know we needed?


The handy-dandy cold cut folding machine, aka bologna folder. Truly indispensable!


 I saw it on Twitter. Here it is from Youtube. Not sure if it actually aired.

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That is funny! 

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@GingerPeach  Haha. So funny.

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That is sooooo funny.  Mary is the perfect person to do that demo.  She's a riot.  Loved it.

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This is HILARIOUS! 🤣
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Oh my heavens, that was funny! Mary was a pro at "selling" that item. I don't know how she didn't laugh.


Thanks for sharing, @GingerPeach !

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Love it.  Mary can pull off anything. Smiley LOL


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Loved Mary's run down of colors including " one we are calling yellowish".   She's a hoot!

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@GingerPeach thanks for posting this! I missed that on Twitter. THAT was hysterical and Mary is perfectionand I ADORE her. Soooo funny.