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Q's Customer Service (Rave)

I ordered a beautiful "last clicks" necklace in December and still have not received it, although status indicates it shipped. Could not find a tracking number on my order, so I finally decided to stop waiting and called Customer Service to get some help. They shipped regular mail so there is no tracking number. The rep apologized that she could not offer to send out another one since it's been sold out (which I knew), but she immediately credited my account.

I really wanted the necklace and not the credit, but they offered what they could with no hassle. I've always had the best of luck in resolving the few problems I have had with Q, even though I've read some of you have not. My guess is that it really depends on getting the "customer-service-oriented" rep. The one I talked to was excellent.

Now my concern is that someone has the package with my receipt info.