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I don't think it would be terribly difficult to make the online version exactly the same as the paper magazines were. As an example, "Nordstrom Catalogs" online are exactly the same as the paper copies they send in the mail.


I don't understand why the Q doesn't do that. How costly could it be? They'd still be saving $$$ on the printing and mailing costs, which was their goal.

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They used to do it.  There was an online catalog version that was wonderful!  The format was so good, and as if you had the paper catalog in front of you.  There were great articles about hosts and vendors and new products, along with some pre-TSVs.


I appreciated receiving a letter from QVC explaining that they were introducing a "better and new digital experience", but the web page on their website is pure disappointment.  I used to enjoy reading about different products and persons.  


The print copy of the Insider was probably an expense, but the online version they had was wonderful, and I don't think they appreciate how much it spurred increased ordering from QVC.  IMO, they should bring it back and let everyone know its there!


Change is supposed to be good, but QVC has made changes the past few years that seem to consistently miss the mark!



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I totally agree with many of the comments about the new on-line Inside Q.  It is in no way comparable to the previous printed version.  I used to looked forward to receiving the magazine...enjoyed the articles and the schedule...which I read thoroughly and hilighted the shows I didn't want to miss. It is too time consuming to go online and consult the schedule I don't bother. As far as their suggestion that customers print the schedule from the online version...Hey,QVC not everyone has a printer. 


I can honestly say I watch QVC much less than I used to...and therefore buy less. I doubt that was QVC's intention. If cost saving was the intent, then I'd much prefer they return to a nominal yearly charge for the printed magazine.....which was used when the magazine started.


If QVC wants to reduce costs, I suggest they looked carefully at the packing process for orders.  So many of the orders I receive in the clothing category are shipped in bags that are much larger than needed. In many cases, the bag used could hold 3 or 4 items. What a waste.  QVC should retrain their packers to use the smallest bag or box needed to ship each item.  Perhaps they should code each order with the container required.   

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Just bumping up this topic again. 


I was recently commenting on an upcoming TSV on another forum, about how I need to budget my money for the TSV I am mindful of, however, if I had the magazine formerly known as "The QVC Insider," I could probably preview the TSV and decide NOW whether or not I would want to purchase it, or not, leaving me free to figure out what to do with my money, today.


This new behavior change the Q has forced upon me by canceling the magazine is losing THEM money, not me. If I would KNOW what the TSV is, I would either buy it now, or spend my money on something else. Now, my spending money is burning a hole in my wallet because I have to wait and see.


And what would often happen is that I might skip purchasing the TSV from the preview, spend my money on something else, and then when the TSV would finally air, I would like it and buy it, anyway. That would potentially mean two purchases, whereas now, I am making none.


Now, there is NO Insider, NO money being spent, NO profit for QVC. How does this make ANY sense?

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I am in the same boat Suzi! 


I also don't understand how they can get customer reviews now before items are on air. That was one of the reasons for having them in the QInsider. 


I don't spend nearly the amount I used to here.

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It's obvious that ditching the print Insider magazine and substituting it with a lame watered down digital version is a cost cutting measure. Thus they also don't show a whole lot of upcoming TSVs either so they don't have the expense of dealing with them early. It also would stop a lot of the customers from knowing if an upcoming TSV is a clunker since there wouldn't be any or very few reviews.

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Totally agree, after 32 yrs. buying from Q, I used to Love knowing what was coming on. Renee has a TSV soon...I have no idea what, when and if I will be around or remember to Tune In...Smiley Sad

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I quit looking at the online Insider Mag after giving it a month or two.  It's not worth my time without the advance TSVs.  

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@KrissyE wrote:

Remember when we used to get a small program guide with our orders. It was for 2 or 3 weeks in advance??


I totally forgot about that.