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Is there no way to find out the balance of a new card? The only thing ive found is a 800 number, which I dont like calling even on non holidays, and after you've bought something the remaining balance is attached as a credit to your account. 


PLEASE Q, add a gift card balance checker on your site!!! 

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put something in your cart and proceed as if you are going to purchase it. Apply the gift card to the payment method and apply it to your purchase. You should be able to see how much is on your gift card.

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Whenever I've wanted to know the balance of a gift card, I call the 800 number on the back.  It's all automated, I believe.  You have to enter some  code and then you're balance is given to you.

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I think the only options you have are to call the 800 number, which you have stated that you do not wish to do or call customer service when they open back up on Saturday morning.