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@stevieb wrote:

@SPURT about those larger trees, it's a funny story I will recount for you shortly, but suffice it to say, we were looking for REALLY large trees (ten feet if we could find them) and we needed to find three of them... Home Depot did have good prices and some pretty trees. We almost went with them and a 10' but slender tree... We also looked at Walmart but their display trees were all so lame we moved on... Looked at Costco and they had a nice tree at a great price but again, it was a slim tree. We ended up at Lowe's where we did, indeed, pay a bit more, for a tree that is only 9' but nice and round. Given the space these trees will go in, the slim trees were kind of questionable... The Costco tree did offer the color change feature, but all of them, fortunately, had the instant on, pole in pole plug feature. If I had a big house, I'd have been all over the 10' narrow tree at Home Depot... It was a very dark green and just looked so nice. And, given the price of trees these days, it was essentially affordable. Athought the Costco tree was actually the best price, it was sort of a funky color green... What a day...


Another qwappy day in the Qwapitol... Warm, muggy, rainy, and so very seasonal... Really puts one in the spirit of the season... Ho Ho Ho... 


@stevieb  It's UNSEASONABLY warm here Woman Tongue  I hope Thanksgiving is not like one year, where we wore shorts!!!!!  Supposedly a cold front is on it's way---we'll see---ya know how that goes...Woman Wink


Well glad you found a good tree!!!  Home Depot and Lowes have the nicest ones around these parts--- My DS was not happy with the tree she got last year, so we have done some browsing this year---  neither of us has a Costco membership so can't speak to that---it's just not worth it to me---buying in volumes just doesn't work---first of all storage for dry goods, or too much food for one person and an occasional guest....


But Wally Word's trees were just pathetic....DS said that was where she found her first pre-lighted tree from long ago that she was very happy with---I had to tell her that Wally World has changed from those times---because like a lot of stuff at the big blue box a lot of their merchandise has gone down hill in the quality department (with a few exceptions-- I DO like their Better Homes & Garden brand and of course the name brands)....Anyway, those trees were AWFUL and the prices weren't cheap either!!!  That tree that had a DUSTING of flocking was nice, it had some pine cones and would be very nice for a wintry woodland style....but sis doesn't like that style---she goes the more elegant route--- In the end she just decided to work with what she had---it's slim, but she says it has a lot of bare spaces ......after she put all her ornaments on it does look nice......but she's rather fussy about EVERYTHING!!!


And if I had a big house---I would get a big tree 9 or 10 ft too---why I would FINALLY have some actual storage space to put it all---Woman Very Happy  One of the TV stations here was selling raffle tickets for a million dollar home at $100 a ticket---proceeds going to charity---I guess I should've bought a chance ....But then think of that huge house and all that cleaning it would require--all year long... Woman LOL   And we saw it at the Parade of Homes and the design and fixtures were a bit bizarre---a bit too modern--- I mean I wouldn't mind a few orange accents---but an ORANGE oven---come on!!!  There were some cheaper homes with a much nicer style---!!!! 


Have a nice weekend and I hope your weather gets better...Take Care!

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