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I've lived all over the U.S., and have enjoyed all regional accents. However, there is a huge difference between regional accents and poor grammar and writing. 

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@febe1 You are correct. Just read a few posts and you will be able to read poor grammar.

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@dollgal wrote:

I agree with the OP. I hate it when people drop their t’s and pronounce cotten as couin or button as bouin. They don’t need to pronounce with a hard T sound but to forgo the T altogether sounds uneducated. Ok everyone, pile on.

The Brits have a way of saying button-it's like 'buddon'. Is that what you mean?

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@turtle52 did you ever stop and think this particular host can't pronounce her l's?I believe one time she spoke about this issue with herself

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they could benefit from an elocution teacher--all of them!


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@Againin That is so 80's. We should enjoy the diff pronunctions and not mock those that say things a little differently.

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I find it interesting the different ways words are pronounced depending on where you live. I was recently in S. Carolina and was taken aback with how a tour guide and other people in the area pronounced pecan. In my neck of the woods--the Midwest--we pronounce it "pe-cahn". It was funny as the tour guide said he gets a lot of confused reactions when he says "pe-CAN" but that it's actually the correct way to say it.

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My complaint exactly!

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@KKJ I live in Philly and I say peCAN

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I can't even listen to some of them anymore. I just look that mute setting!