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Re: Pronounce Properly

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Here in Hawaii locals don't pronounce the t in words that end in t.  For example, they pronounce the word perfect as perfec.  Total weirdness to me.

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Then there's mauve.  Move with a long 0,  mawve, movee with a long 0.  I go with move with a long 0, since I took French and that's one of the things I do remember. 

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Re: Pronounce Properly

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A word mispronunciation, doesn't even rate a bleep, on my annoyance radar!  

I enjoy communicating, and don't see one advantage, to playing the judgemental language police.  

I worked with a lady, who, in most ways, was very likable. But, she could not resist the urge to "show off" her supposedly superior language skills! She'd correct mispronunciations, improper usage, she'd even, "helpfully" point out, a  "better" way, to express the thought. 

Needless to say, she was not the most popular person, in the office.  😈

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what bugs me the most is that McDonald's has it's own dictionary!  When I order I will never say McChicken sandwich.....I say chicken!  

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Amy has the WORST grammar! 

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I just did-un-T understand a lot of this whole issue. 

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One of our local newscasters has said that she can't pronouce double T's -- which is sad because there are 2 small cities in our area that are spelled with double T's.  Her pronounciations of  ".... ha--An" instead of  "...hattan" drives me nutty, so I don't watch her.  And that same newswoman grew up in our state!  It makes me wonder if some folks just can't pronounce certain letters the same as the rest of us for one reason or another.  Maybe pronouncing double T's is difficult for some people.



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Hoda Kotb drives me nuts.  "Hey" should not be a substitute for Good Morning.  I remember one of my English teachers saying Hey  (hay) is for horses. Also, she doesn't seem to know that the letter g is  in the alphabet.  Good Mornin is all she says.  I have started to mute her -- someone needs to coach that woman on how to speak.

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There are much bigger issues in this world to be concerned about.  I don't get all bothered because someone pronounces words differently than me.

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Various pronunciations of words are acceptable due to demographics and the like, but when the hosts use grammatically incorrect sentences it is an entirely different matter.  


If I hear a particular host use the term "in this day of  age" during her sales pitch one more time!!  Honestly, that is just straight up incorrect.  Hasn't any of the programming managers caught this being said and corrected her on it?  It just makes her look ignorant, I feel bad for her.