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Importnt ... it's importAnt.  Also don't like this addition of an "a" at the end of words.  How cute-ah.  Annoying,.

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I noticed this quite a while ago, and not just on QVC. It seems to be mostly younger people. It drives me nuts. I pointed it out to my husband a couple of weeks ago when we were watching something on tv. He just started laughing and asked if I was the grammar police. I said no, but I guess the nuns did a good job teaching English and Grammar when I was in school. ❤️

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You mean when they are "conversating"?   That's what drive me nuts.    Making up words that aren't words. 

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@lmtep wrote:

Importnt ... it's importAnt.  Also don't like this addition of an "a" at the end of words.  How cute-ah.  Annoying,.

I have always pronounced it as imporTANT...with a strong T.  It seems like many younger folks have dropped off the T.


Our local newscasters drive me crazy with the words important and elementary.  I keep asking.. " where did the T go."

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This post has been removed by QVC because it is argumentative.

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I think sometimes it's a regional thing fir I stance in the south they will pronounce important and insurance differently then in the north.    IN-surance and importent.   As far as the other adding a's and that I dont like it , the Kardashisns are famous for it !    It used to be in the day the word "like " in every sentence 😺

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So weird. I suspect again that it is different parts of the country.

Being from the NE we would be looked at funny if we said important with emphasis on each syllable and the t's. Maybe if you were from England, you would be given a pass lol!

And I've never heard the a sound after words yet?

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Words are pronounced differently from region to region. I can drive 2 hours south and hear a whole different dialect. I don't get worked up over it. It doesn't hurt anyone, or me.  



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Most of it is regional. Like roof and bagels to name 2. In some parts of the USA  roof is pronounces ruf.

And some of it is just wrong. AND a persons age is told by the way they write certain phrases. Don't get me started about the addition of the word "out". Change it out,etc.

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No, this is not a regional thing. I have lived in PA all of my life in the same area.


Young people that were born and raised here are pronouncing words differently than their parents, friends and neighbors.


It sounds weird.  They are learning it somewhere.  I have heard many local folks commenting on the changes and wondering why this is happening. Thankfully, my adult children and my grands have not picked this up.