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Re: Program Guide??

The last two times (and only since 1986) QVC had repeated hours in the late night was Monday, February 6 through Friday, February 10, 2017, from 3am to 6am ET. The first three hours of the day were repeated for three hours. This yielded a 21-hour Gem Day. The second time was later that month, Monday, February 20 through 24. The TSV hour, midnight was repeated at 3am-4am ET.


In the February 2017 cases, and this one, the repeated programming was not on the schedule 6 weeks ahead when it was released. I think we should start a new thread about this, with 'QVC reduces live programming to 19 hours a day.' This is outrageous. I knew they would do this. All the stuff they were trying to do in 2016/7 that we complained about they're trying to do again: changing the names of shows, cancelling shows, reducing programming hours. I thought it wasn't going to start up until after the holidays.

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Re: Program Guide??

FYI, it looks like repeat overnight programming is in fact coming; one of our lovely forum moderators, Beth, just shared this reply on the subject in another thread: