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Hello:  I'm becoming to the place where I don't watch qvc much anymore, all I see is Chaz Dean, Josie Maran, and Dyson.  How many of those can I purchase.  Chaz Dean and Dyson are all over the infomercials on TV.  I really am a good customer and really enjoyed watchingm but lately nothing but those three and when I see them I shut it off.  Also why don't you have Jim Shore on anymore?  I collect them and havent seen him for ages.  They would make nice gifts.  Not liking Ellen so much either.  Just a few of my thoughts.  Judy Kois

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I think they pretty much show what sells.  In spite of the complaints I see here, there are huge sale numbers for Chaz, Dyson, Ripka, Philosophy, Dooney, Basso, etc.  I don't blame a company for trying to satisfy the customers already spending their money here because it's much cheaper to keep a customer than it is to attract a new one.


There have been others asking about Jim Shore, but I don't remember what the answers were.  I never watched a whole show even when he was on.  Maybe another collector will come and give you info, but I can't imagine they'd bring him back to QVC although he might do okay on one of the smaller channels if he hasn't retired.  Not many retreads survive - hosts or vendors.





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I am pretty sure Jim Shore has been on but his shows are on way too early in the morning for me to watch. I usually check online or in my local Hallmark store for his products. 

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Theyve featured Jim Shore products on Zulily several times recently.  They only show a line for 2-3 days then it's gone so you have to check daily.

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I suppose there's a certain truth to them programming 'what sells', but then there are lots of items that might potentially sell, and continuing to run the same items over and over risks both stagnation and saturation. Moreover, as we can see, while they might continue to 'sell' they're also turning other long-time customers off and some of those customers are returning the favor. They definitely need more variety in order to keep repeat customers interested and buying.

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Hello, tooty and welcome. Smiley Happy



I know, a lot of the same things are shown over and over again. But I guess it's popular, so it sells.

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@tooty, Welcome to the forums!


It appears Jim Shore's most recent on-air appearance on QVC was October 30.


For information about his QVC shows and products, you always have the option of checking out his public Facebook page at this link:


(NOTE:  Even with public pages, sometimes Facebook generates a popup stating "Please log in to continue."  Just hit the "ESC" "ESCAPE" key to remove that popup, and you can view the page and all the posts.)


Also, you can go into your account settings and sign up for reminders about upcoming shows.



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Good advice on referring to the guide to know when something is on that is of interest to you.  I am in the habit of channel flipping, so I know I probably miss a lot of what I would buy, but I don't seem to have a problem finding enough to buy elsewhere.  LOL  Seriously, I need to stay out of the storefronts right now.  Too many temptations.  Especially on clothing, which I DO NOT need.  Ugh.