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Prive Reveaux TSV on Back Order????

I ordered several pairs of the recent Prive Reveaux TSV shortly after midnight - I couldn't believe it when I saw today they are on Back Order! How can a TSV ordered close to midnight be on Back Order - whatever that means - no indication of even an estimated delivery date! I'm considering canceling the orders, this is ridiculous! What is happening to QVC? As a long time customer, I've never even seen the term Back Order until recently. Blaming everything on the virus only goes so far, it's very simple. If you don't have the product in stock, don't sell it! And a TSV? Come on!

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Re: Prive Reveaux TSV on Back Order????

I understand your frustration @lizzief . A similar thing happened to me with a TS order and it took five weeks before I received it!


My Rastelli's and Kansas City AD deliveries which used to be shipped and received within three days, are now taking ten days or more. This isn't really a huge problem however.


I am not ordering much new merchandise from QVC because of the ridiculous delays and lack of immediate CS help, which I rarely need. I am going to continue ordering less and less until they get back to where they were a couple of years ago. Now, if most shipping were free, I might have a different attitude! Smiley Happy

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Re: Prive Reveaux TSV on Back Order????

I'm not seeing back order I'm seeing a lot of advance order even though it was in stock when I ordered it. 

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Re: Prive Reveaux TSV on Back Order????

I don't know what the problem is with the Q but yesterday I stopped into Marshalls/HomeStore, one of their larger ones by the Mall and was amazed with the number of empty shelves.  Was looking for a fall wreath but the only fall things they had were a few pumpkin on the stick things that you put in pots.  I would say the store was 1/4 filled with merchandise.  We asked the clerk if they were closing but she said no, they were having problems getting the merchandise from overseas.  I did get a jar of jelly from Italy though and a really nice toilet brush lol.

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Re: Prive Reveaux TSV on Back Order????

I ordered a Valerie snowflake luminary set in plenty of time before they sold out. On 7/31 QVC cancelled it on 8/26 without even notifying me. I’ve waited and watched all that time! Why was my order back ordered or oversold!? I bought 2 sets of the snowman to go with the snowflakes so I will probably return them. There are worst things going on I. The world but it is very disappointing... so anyway, I wouldn’t hold my breath on QVC backordered items!!!