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Re: Prive Revaux

One of the best shows ever on QVC. What a great sport Amy was and she did a great job. Loved her dance moves.  I watched the entire show and enjoyed Jamie Fox and Amy was very natural.and the energy level of all was such fun to watch.  

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Re: Prive Revaux

It was a fun show!  I wasn't paying attention at first but when Jamie mentioned Cheesecake Factory, I ended up taping it so I could watch again this morning.


I used to love aviators.  Haven't worn them in years, but have them on check hold.  I need prescriptions, but I do like to have a pair or 2 when I'm not driving.


I ordered a pair on Fashion Day.  They look like Ray Bans for 1/10th the price.


I have these on my wishlist.  After my next eye exam, I may change out the lenses.

Prive Revaux The Monet Polarized Cat-Eye Sunglasses - A353308

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Re: Prive Revaux

I have 4 pair of this brand having orderd from their .com because shipping was and is free and first time buyers get a discount. 


This style the showstopper in certain colors is actually on backorder on their website. If you type in showstopper in their search, it comes up as currently unavailable. These are very well made. I caved and grabbed the mirrored blue. I need sunglasses like I need a hole in my head, but I love the mirrored style. These are very cool.


And I too enjoyed Amy with Mr. Foxx and he is extremely fine. Oh my...

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Re: Prive Revabu

Amy was the perfect host for this show...funny and played along well with Jamie Foxx's personality.  Every pair looked good on Amy too.  I was thinking about the pink but looks like they aren't available.  Quality looks impressive too.

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Re: Prive Revaux

Not a Jamie Fox fan but am a fan of his Prive Reveaux; smart man creating this concept of decent-priced and handsome sunglasses for everyone.  I ordered a pair here when first shown some time ago and purchased more at Amazon; the quality is extremely good for the price. I have always loved aviator frames, had for my graduated bifocals back in late 80's and always used same oversized frame for lens upgrades over the years. I bought several pair of this TSV, great style and great improvements/upgrades.

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Re: Prive Revaux

Not a JF fan either, but I did enjoy the show and I bought the black aviators for my son. I already have 3 pair of his sunglasses and a pair of readers.The glasses are really fashionable and well made for the money.