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Re: Pricing 😡

I wondered if I was the only one not happy with pricing.  I would think that with hsn and qvc the buying power should be enormous but no, paying anywhere from 35.00 upwards to 70.00, depending on the brand. I don't ship fashion like i used to do.  I loved the brand anybody when it first came to qvc and I do still like it.  The first time they were on they said that it was qvc own brand and so prices would be kept very reasonable because there is no middle man.  that sure changed, the new little paper bag waist ones that were on the other night were a sale price of about 37.00 (in that area), for only that night, now they are

44.28.  i did not get to purchase them. I don't call that affordable prices, so with shipping we are paying 50.00 for a little pair of pants and please they show us all these details, I'm not saying that details make them cuter but it does get old claiming that all these little details are worth the price.  The worst for this is Lori Goldstein, all her detailing should make it worthwhile but to make it ok to pay upwards of 60.00 at times for a tshirt.  I don't but either of these brands anymore unless they are clearance or "as is" price and believe I have loved qvc, my closest mall is 350.00 miles away so qvc has always been fun to shop but the fun has kinda vanished cuz it just has become to expensive,  however, I do have good luck with "as is" prices and some clearance merchandise

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Re: Pricing 😡

I quit buying clothes from QVC ages ago for several reasons.  First, sizing is terrible.  I once bought D&C jeans in three colors, same item #.  One pair fit, one pair wouldn't go past my knees, one was tight.  Second, quality has gone downhill.   Third, the prices are getting high, even for brands that used to be more reasonably priced like D&C and Susan Graver.   I buy clothes now at Kohl's where I can stack offers, like sale prices, percent off such as 30% or even 40% mystery offer, plus Kohl's cash, plus free shipping.  And their return policy is great, don't even need a receipt.  I will admit sometimes the t-shirts can be a bit thin, but for $7 if I get one or two seasons out of them, that's okay, they only cost $7!


I agree with everyone, QVC's brand offerings are getting more and more  high end and expensive.  I know a lot like LOGO, but I think the prices are ridiculously high at $50+ and higher.  If you layered all the tops on that she pushes, you could have on $150-$200 in tops alone!  Why pay $50 or $60 for a top only to cover it up with another top such that you only see the hem?

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