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Re: Pricing and clearance pricing

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I used to check LTS every day when there were 30 or 40 items listed.  Now with hundreds listed, I find it tedious to scroll through it.  I tried "newest items" but the SOSO kept coming up.  Too bad.

Likewise, but the styles in my opinion were just ugg, and the prices not all that great. 

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Re: Pricing and clearance pricing

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While some cite the tariffs, pandemic, cotton shortage etc etc regarding QVC's prices, yet its funny how HSN is still offering clothing in the $29 and $30-$34 price range and its part of the Qurate company.  And even Department Stores (Dillards, Macy's, Kohls, Nordstrom Rack etc etc) still offer clothing at $29, $34, $39....and these offerings are equivalent in quality, style, and fabrication .......  QVC is just not competitive a lot of the time....They like to compare their prices to Boutiques...Woman Frustrated


And some of QVC's "sale prices" have always been good for a chuckle.... I've seen some where they knocked off a WHOLE $2.78---😄😄😄.....There was even a recent thread about the sale price reduced by 68 CENTS! 🤣🤣🤣

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Re: Pricing and clearance pricing

I ordered a Martha Stewart sweater last week on lunchtime specials.  I received it yesterday.  Went back to purchase another color, it’s up almost 20.  Regular price 76, I got it on LTS for 28.  It’s a very nice weight.