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I agree. Denim & Co is my favorite line of clothing & have been buying it for many years. It used to be so reasonably priced but now..... I just saw a pair of D&C pull on pants/jeans for $49.00!!! Ridiculous. You used to be able to buy the same thing for around $25 to $30. And their tops, seems you can't touch them for anything less than $35, $40.00. Even sale or clearance prices are no deal. . 

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I too have watched prices escalate. Used to love SG but then the sewing became so bad and stitches in places so bad the material pulled and the quality was far under the price charged. Found of recent months the Q concentrated on ridicoulous high prices on most categories so switched to HSN and was very happy with their offerings and quality. Now that the same person bought HSN as QVC it means disaster. Find Amazon is definitely the way to go. I can get everything there at better prices and being a Prime customer can actually receive the item in 1 or 2 days and it's in my hands. 

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QVC prices are rediculious! Then they offer a credit card for their purchases which are even crazier!
I am searching for a new camera and the prices are so inflated it it unbelievable! By hundreds and even thousands.
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I also am not a fan of the shipping charges, but to be honest, I am more upset about how much waste is generated for shipping. I will order a few things at once or multiples of the same item and receive them all in separate boxes or bags.  SO MUCH PLASTIC!


I would even be willing to pay more shipping if they could just combine items.  Betweek QVC and Amazon I am seriously reconsidering my online ordering habits.