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Re: “Preparing your order”

grooms - well I did finally receive two pairs today and they unfortunately went straight back to the post office. This is the second time I have tried Earth shoes. The way the straps are attached to the footbed they are just too wide for my foot. The footbed is okay, but the straps gap at the sides of my feet - not attractive. They were red and coco in 8.5. I would have sent them to you if that’s your size and they would have gotten to you quicker!

All of the tops were too big and sloppy looking - normal xs just fit droopy on me. And no more Pima from Isaac - too heavy.

I would have left reviews on the product page but for some reason it says I have to sign in, which I obviously am.
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Re: “Preparing your order”

The Q needs to hire more people in the shipping department.  Everything has slowed down.

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Re: “Preparing your order”

I ordered from Breezies May 3rd,finally are expecting these today.I can't for the life of me understand the shipping at qvc.It's going to be a long time I order something again.Can order somewhere else for sure from now on.

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Re: “Preparing your order”

I have two items for 5 days that they have been preparing.  It has been bad this past month.

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Re: “Preparing your order”

In my opinion, this is a long standing issue that began when the California warehouse came onine a couple of years back. 


It is purely a function ... or MALFUNCTION ... of the shipping system coming out of that warehouse.  Likely driven by some shipping cost conservation formula that holds orders until it is cost effective to ship a bunch out in order to achieve the low shipping rate.  Back when my clothing items came out of the Pennsylvania warehouse, I received items in 2-3 days tops.


I even suspect that some of my clothing orders (I am in New England) may have shipped in a huge pallet type lot to QVC Rocky Mount, North Carolina and then were repackaged out of there.  I say this because I have received clothing in boxes (not bags and maybe only 1 or 2 pieces of clothing in one box) and clothing oddly combined with other non-clothing items in a box (which has never happened before).  Plus some of said items, did not show individual tracking numbers online but would pop up in a box.  Odd.


It needs to be fixed.  Orders aren't being sent in a timely manner and we, QVC customers are certainly frustrated.  In the past week, I've probably cancelled 4 orders that never went to the non-cancellation/preparing your order phase, I've received 3 emails in the last two days saying "your order has been delayed" and I WISH I could cancel a couple of limbo orders that go into either backorder or "preparing" and never seem to ship.  It's absolutely ridiculous.  Guessing QVC is losing out on maybe 1/3 of the sales from customers who know enough to go in cancel, weird, pending shipping items that they just do not have the patienece to wait for ... and/or cancel buyer's regret type items that don't ship promptly.  Personally, I stopped GIFT buying from QVC because you can never confidently predict when orders will be received. 


Kind of mind boggling that it is allowed to continue ...


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Re: “Preparing your order”

I've finally said the heck with the Q, after an entire vacation wardrobe was single handedly demolished in one swipe of back orders. How can Cuddl Duds, Muk Luk, Zuda, all be on back order, especially if they ship from the vendor. Bottom line, we pay the Q, I don't care where it ships from, fix the ongoing problem.
I suggest the team that runs billing, run the shipping, because the Q never misses a billing.
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Re: “Preparing your order”

For the third time in the past three weeks, another of my "preparing your order" orders has gone to backorder.  I cancelled it, as I did the others and am ready to give up with Q.  All three items were available when I ordered them.  Very frustrating and annoying.

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Re: “Preparing your order”

I have never had a problem with shipping from the  Q, even through last year.  This morning, at 5:35am, they sent me an email that an order I'd placed last week has been shipped.  Two hours later, at 7:54am, my order was "delayed." 😂😂

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Re: “Preparing your order”

I guess this is the new norm. I ordered the Jockey TSV earlier this past week. The status still reads as "Preparing my order" I am going to wait until the due date which is the 26th and if it's still showing as Preparing, I will give them a call. 


I am trying to be patient with them, because I do realize that businesses are having difficulties, but I ordered five items from Lands End a few weeks ago over a weekend. My items were delivered to me within a few days and this is with free shipping.  Just saying....

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Re: “Preparing your order”

I ordered something May 7, said it was sent May 16 (nine days to ship) from Easton, Pa.  Current status is May 21, departed from La Mirada, Cal., which is odd because I am in Chicago.  If the package indeed departed Easton, Pa., why is it now in California?  Not to mention that anticipated delivery date is May 19.  Ordered two items from HSN long after May 7 and I already received both of them.  This could possibly be a UPS issue but QVC shipping is really lacking.