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I ordered a toy as a gift for a little boy whose family I sponsored for Christmas. He loves Spiderman and QVC believe it or not had a Spiderman flying toy on sale and with free shipping, the cheapest price out of many retailers. I ordered it Black Friday weekend, and it was stuck in that Preparing Your Order mode for a few days but it did ship and I got it the following weekend. That was the first time I saw that, and wasn't sure what it meant, but if it is a way to prevent you from canceling, they really shouldn't do that. QVC should allow buyers at least a 24 grace period in which they can cancel. 

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I had the same thing happen to me.  Someone's order from Wisconsin came to me, and she got mine I think, because when I went to check when I'd receive an order, it said returned - not by me! 

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Omg ! The inability to cancel items before they’ve even shipped is maddening ! In 2022 , I’d like to see qvc shoppers turn away from QVC and their deceptive sales pitches and manipulations . Issac boasts about Pima cotton. I guess that’s suppose to justify his prices. Yet Walmart does tops with Pima for 16 bucks! Stop the madness!!!
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Thanks for the replies.  I have dealt with shipping delays everywhere not just the Q (and this was before the horrible warehouse fire).  My issue was that these used to stay in a status that you could decide to cancel if you no longer wanted to wait.  And now (and there is no rhymn nor reason to it) it goes to "Preparing Your Order" and it just stays there.  The status implies it is actively being retrieved and boxed for shipment, yet I cannot believe that is the case if it stays in that category for 7, 10, more days.


I read someone posted of a Christmas wreath ordered well in advance that had an updated arrival date of Dec 27 Smiley LOL  Sheesh.  I think that is worse!

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I also feel like most of you, but this week QVC came through with quicker deliveries.  Everything came before the 24th.

So, i need to thank them.