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After Lisa Robertson left, Posh Presents never included anything special or posh.  It's always been regular QVC merchandise.  

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Jane has been smelling the PooPourri too much.  What a terrible gift and certainly not posh.

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Re: Where were the Posh Presents??

There is nothing Posh about LR. Her taste is incredibly tacky and gaudy. 

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I couldn't agree more. This was a disgrace. Sketches in a "posh" show. Definitely need to have Katrina or some who could do this show justice since Lisa's departure.
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Terribly disappointing show - those posh presents shows used to be wonderful - this year agree NOT.  

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Re: Posh presents. Not.

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I did not see the show, but it is quite possible that inventory for the show might have been impacted by the global supply chain issues; forcing a change in available merchandise.😊



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I thought the show was a definite bust!!  Reallly nothing shown would I ever consider posh!!  I miss when Dennis Basso and Joan Rivers did it and even Lisa Robinson.  It was truly a run of the mill show for me and not one bit exciting!!

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Katrina Szish should do Posh Presents.  I always DVR her Szish List show.  I think she does a classy presentation.  

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@GingerPeach wrote:

You all may know this already, but one reasoning behind the word POSH is that it was an acronym for "port out, starboard home" as used by well-off English folks (and/or the steamship company) for those traveling by steamship from England to India and back again.


Of course, Merriam-Webster debunks this background, but I've always liked it. So much so that when I commuted by train from my suburb to San Francisco, I sometimes made it a point to sit on the left side of the train going to work, and the right side coming home. (Not that it makes much difference on a train, but it was fun.)  



@GingerPeachI commuted from San Mateo in the burbs to SF lovely 4th & Townsend where you on that side of the bay?

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Hi @rockygems123 

i came in from the other direction.

One firm was closest to the Embarcadero station, the other was closest to Montgomery.



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