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I thought she was going to melt standing in front of that pizza oven on such a hot day!!

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Re: Poor Julia!!

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I didn't see the presentation, but if she was indoors, she wasn't hot.


QVC studio has AC.  Many of the hosts complain that it is too cold.  They have to keep it cold because Of the equipment in there and the lighting.  It is cold in the winter time too.


Maybe she welcomed the heat from the oven.



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She was outside. David sent her inside to get ready for next segment.. After the pizza oven segment, David said he was taking a break to go change his sweaty shirt.  

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We are all looking forward to future insights from you on shows you didn't watch.  Well done!!

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Julia was just fine—she was laughing the whole time and kept saying how much fun she was having. When they asked her to come back in for the next segment, she said she was bummed because she wanted to make another pizza.