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A WHOLE HOUR of Poo-Pourri - really?

I didn't see it - but I can't imagine how anyone can talk about that products for an hour!

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Kind of tacky!
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There is a new product that they showed, called SHOE-Pourri.

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Oh brother... And they worry about keeping their website 'fresh'. It's their programming they need to be worried about... Maybe they can spritz their web master and program director with some Q-pourri...

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I cannot imagine an hour show, but I was a skeptic until I bought some. The stuff really works; much better scent than those other horrible spray products. Have gifted it it as a "fun" gift and those people liked it too!!

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Very good product that sells well. Push what sells, business basics.
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I watched much of the show and ordered the aroma therapy trio. I've been very pleased with their original product and am happy to see them expanding.

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That stinks.

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I don't care how effective it is or how much they sell, there is a limit. They want to include a presentation or two of this brand in other shows, that's up to them, but an hour of de-stinkifier is just a bit over the top... There are millions of products out there that would sell, but they settle for this... Speaks volumes...

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Lol.. this really does work, i got it for a christmas present, kinda as a joke, but i wanted to see if it really did work.. and it does... my parents wound up ordering more..