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Re: Please QVC someone check

School buses are usually yellow, although not sunshine yellow. Maybe yellow with a slight orange-ish tint? The colors should be specific to avoid confusion.

What bothers me is when they refer to Royal Blue as “Navy.” Navy is a specific blue, and it’s not a medium blue.

I agree with @We rescue cats that easy-to-interpret color names are needed, instead of “hibiscus.” I have yellow, light pink with white, and dark pink hibiscus growing in my yard. Saying “Hibiscus” means nothing.
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Re: Please QVC someone check

Happened again on the new Carole Hochman set of 2 cotton sleepshirts and they never corrected themselves in the on-air presentation.  Com'on, if the host states the colors incorrectly, the company representative and/or the show producer needs to step in and get it right.  Really getting too habitual.