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Re: Please MORE jobs in the USA and not oversees!

It is a trickle down effect.  We need ALL jobs to remain in the U.S. -- manufacturing AND human services, among many.  YES, we will pay more for  American made goods, but our wages will be higher.  We're paying more because we're paying OUR AMERICANS the cost of medical care, insurances, RETIREMENT ... things we all used to have back when unions were STRONG.  I know I mention UNIONS a lot, but you see, a GOOD union, will secure your job so that you don't get a tap on the back from your employer wanting his brother-in-law to take your job, or a 25-year-old to take your job when you're so close to retirement.  When MOST of the USA is employed, we all make better money, affording more things.  Our economy thrives.  So we'll pay $75 for a $50 blouse, but more people will be employed, and those $25 extra dollarls puts money in Americans' pockets to pay their bills.  There's a bigger picture.  

We don't want to send our jobs to Asia to pay their people $3 an hour to sell poor quality (yes, cheaper cost) goods back to us!  Keep the jobs and the PROFITS HERE!

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Re: Please MORE jobs in the USA and not oversees!

When the monetary incentives for companies are made such that it is more beneficial for companies to do everything in the USA..... it'll happen.


Until then.... unfortunately, no. 

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Re: Please MORE jobs in the USA and not oversees!

I didn't read all the replies, so I don't know if this was mentioned.  It's recent news


"The University of California is laying off a group of IT workers at its San Francisco campus as part of a plan to move work offshore.


The layoffs will happen at the end of February, but before the final day arrives the IT employees expect to train foreign replacements from India-based IT services firm HCL. The firm is working under a university contract valued at $50 million over five years.


This layoff may have huge implications. That's because the university's IT services agreement with HCL can be leveraged by any institution in the 10-campus University of California system, which serves some 240,000 students and employs some 190,000 faculty and staff."



This is the same thing that DisneyWorld did a couple of years ago.  


Google:  University of California IT workers for link to complete story.

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Re: Please MORE jobs in the USA and not oversees!

@KYToby wrote:

Quite frankly, posts such as this have become tiresome and overlook many thinks.


First off, while the idea of "bringing back jobs" sounds great, the fact is most Americans, including many who complain about jobs going oversees, are unwilling to pay for items made here in the U.S.  For instance, how many of those who decry jobs going overseas, buy Cooks Essentials (or other cookware made in China) over All-Clad?  Most of them, that's who, because they don't want to spend $600 for a set of cookware when they can get a set for under $100, and that is just one example.


Additionally, when it comes to outsourcing employees to other parts of the world, in some cases (such as customer service agents in call centers), companies can hire university-educated workers oversees for less thn half of what they would pay non-college-educated American workers (I worked in call center operations for 11+ years--I know of which i speak).  When people here virtually riot when cable bills go up or fees or credit cards go up, these companies have to cust costs somewhere. 


So really ask yourself if you are willing to pay significantly more for things in order to bring jobs back to the U.S.?  Are you?  Really?  Becaise until you are willing to pry open your wallets, posts such as this are both disengenuous and hypocritical.


The other things which most overlook -- particularly in regards to manufacturing jobs -- is that technology and automation are replacing human workers, but that is another story entirely.

When I was growing up there were lots of union jobs that paid well.  There were tons of stay at home moms because one income was enough.  Houses, cars, schools were all affordable on one income.  Now jobs are shipped away and most households have two or more incomes and can barely pay bills.  People who run for president and talk about bringing jobs back when they have their own clothing items made in another country.