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Re: Philosophy TSV

I had a thread under the "philosophy" forum a while back asking for smaller sizes.  I don't know why they keep pushing those big ones, especiallly since many of us don't even know what they smell like.  So why would we want huge bottles of an unknown?  And as you said, it costs more to return these heavy bottles.


I miss the gift sets that used to be offered more often.


I did write to philosophy on their site about this.  Maybe we all should?

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Re: Philosophy TSV

@Grouchomarx wrote:

Just a warning, the return shipping is $10 for those giant bottles.  Choose wisely!

Thank you for the heads up!

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Re: Philosophy TSV

It's not even four different items to use or layer.


This TSV is only two items -- an enormous amount (96 ozs.) of the bath & shower gel, and a bucket load (24 ozs.) of the body souflee.  Who really needs so much in each of those?



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Re: Philosophy TSV

I wish they’d do a small sampler with season fragrances. I rolled the dice and got a mega set and hated the scent. I don’t care for musk/amber, and they’re throwing that in a bunch of scents.

I don’t feel right gifting a scent I don’t care for, to ship back is nonsense, so I’m slowly working through the two mega sets from the last time around.
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Re: Philosophy TSV

It's not an offering that makes sense for me.


I like whipped body creme over the souffle - much more.  And I'd rather it be 3 in 1 and a lotion, as opposed to all that 3 in 1.  I love my Philosophy but even when I use it generously, it takes a long time to use those up.  


And yes, a spritz would have been good.

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Re: Philosophy TSV

Well, obviously, they made this set into what brings the most profit. I am passing, because it is too much shower gel for just me.
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Re: Philosophy TSV

I do love the bigger sizes in the body washes because I use a lot of those products, however, I’m not a fan of their lotions at all. Now had it been a body scrub/ exfoliate, I’d order. Also, I’m not a fan of the fresh cream scent but I’d try the new scent. 

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Re: Philosophy TSV

I just started gifting my "leftover" philosophy 3-in-1s.  Unopened, they do last for a while.  

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Re: Philosophy TSV

Ever since I read on one of the blogs here that Philosophy DOES do some animal resting, I will NOT be buying from them.

There are so many alternatives out there, I have my pick.

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Re: Philosophy TSV

Would love smaller sizes too.  This set would last me years!  I buy the smaller sizes, sometimes at Ulta.  I prefer to change scents during the year for fun!