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I t was a pleasure to watch Pat doing the Host at Home show. She is a real professional and in my opinion way under used .

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I did not see it, but I agree that she is a reliable pleasure on the list of hosts at the Q. Smiley Happy

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She works well with Valerie.

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Pat is one of my favorites.  She's so genuine and very professional, always looks so pretty and she does have a fun side, too.  A refreshing change from some of the "over the top" hosts. 

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I agree. She always does such a good job and is number one of my favorites.

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I don't often watch Valerie because she's so often paired with Jill and because she tends to often bring the same kinds of items, but I did watch last week and enjoyed her show with Pat as the host. The merchandise didn't all impress, but it was a pleasant and relaxing show. The host very much does matter, contrary to what some would say.

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