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I noticed in my order status that QVC has a message that they are experiencing delays in processing returns. I think most of us knew that but it’s interesting they posted this. I suspect they are getting bombarded with complaints from customers. Honestly there is no excuse for this. I suspect QVC doesn’t have enough employees in that department to process these returns.
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@lousgirl - If other Q shoppers are having the same experience I am, I'm guessing there are also a lot more returns to handle lately—I've returned about three times as many items in the past six months as I have in the past six years due to quality issues and/or defects (including five items currently on their way back). It's very frustrating to wait a long time to get an order, have it arrive in poor condition, and then wait even longer to get a refund. I'm definitely shopping at QVC less and less...

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@lousgirl  I have not seen any message, as yet, re delays on returns - but items I returned on 8th still not showing.  Seems my returns now take up to 3+ weeks to process - as for exchanges forget it.


 I think, as you say, they need more employees

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I as well have been returning lots.  It's so easy to order and know If I don't like it I can send it back.  I noticed it taking longer for orders to ship as well.  They must be super busy. I'm sure they will resolve the issues shortly.  Sometimes the chaos has to happen before a problem is noticed.  So in the meantime just keep shopping ladies.   Heart



Love QVC and HSN.

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I saw the banner yesterday, but not today.


It could be an employee problem -  there's lots of financial news about companies having truble finding employees -  depending , of course, on what they're looking for and the statistics in their areas.  I don't imagine too many people moving for a warehouse job;  even with the general increase at entry level jobs, moving probably isn't much in the picture.


Whatever it is they need a solution, but since my own delivery/return experiences in thr last few months has been normal, I won't even guess at how many complaints they're seeing.  I do know we see so many here that I was sort of surprised to have both a return and a delivery handled well in April.

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Have not experienced any delays with HSN.

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Might be helpful if customer could change/cancel order until shipped. There would definitely be less returns.

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I guess there's no reason for us to break our necks getting those returns back in 30 days then.  Surely if we are supposed to be patient with them, they can do the same for us!

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