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I've started sewing my own clothing after being away from sewing for many years.  I was shocked at the prices of patterns, notions, and fabrics.  So many of the fabrics are made in China and the prices are outrageous.  It's less expensive for me to purchase Made-in-China clothing ready made.  Aside from the cost of the pattern, notions, and fabric, there is my personal time in sewing my garment.  But, I must admit that I have a passion for sewing and always purchase things on sale or with a coupon. Also, my garment is always a perfect fit.        docsgirl

I've made a few knit tops and I sew for the granddaughter now. Once in awhile I will make a dress for a special occasion if I can't find what I want in the store.At Prom time I used to be so busy with requests from my daughter and her friends....

I used to sew garments as well, back in the day. Dresses and skirts were my specialty. But now l hardly wear those, and l don't have the patience any more, lol.

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QVC is neither Macy's nor Nieman-Marcus -- nor is it Dollar Tree.  If you feel QVC's prices are too high, do not shop here.  Prices have indeed gone up here, but they have gone up everywhere.


As far as "doing away with shipping charges," are you serious?  Do you actually live in a world where you think shipping is free?  Seriously? 

@KYToby: You are always such a big cheerleader for QVC. Are you a major shareholder of their stock... or do you work for their public relations department?!

@handygal2 I sincerely hope it's not the latter, because truthfully, his rather snippy and snide attitude would not be doing them any favors on the PR end of things...



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As others have said I really don't care if shipping is really "free" or if the seller has added a couple of bucks to the item to cover the "free shipping".  I only care about the bottom line on that invoice however they calculate it and on identical items like shoes and purses where a dollar to dollar comparison of the bottom line can be done QVC always is the loser.  Why do you think they are always throwing in "free accessories" when they sell tablets or laptops?  It is so they can disguise the fact that their prices are higher than you can obtain the same basic item for elsewhere.  These "free accessories" are not free and are almost always completely unnecessary.  Savvy shoppers do not fall for this sort of marketing ploy and it always amazes me when people do.

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wouldn't know, BUT, I don't buy at those high priced stores.  I read tags to see where they are manufactured.

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Yes, I have quit shopping there, thank you very much!!  We are not ignorant, and if you look at their SHIPPING AND HANDLING prices, and then ship it yourself, you will see that they are making a HEFTY HEFTY profit from their price.  Example:  Diamonique ring=S&H $4.97  in reality the shipping with insurance was $1.73.    We are just saying that IF we are going to pay HIGH HIGH PRICES for our clothing, we will go to a store, TRY IT ON, READ THE TAGS, and pay LESS for what we want.  Have a great day!!

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@Sylanne or Q will lose those customers too.  There's such a thing as killing the golden goose

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I like most of QVC's clothing lines.  However, the prices have skyrocked to the point that I really think thst by watching the sales at Macy's I can do a lot better.  Sometimes I don't mind paying more on easy pay. 

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and it's not just clothing ....has anyone looked at how quickly food prices are rising!!!! In fact, I love to cook but recently found its cheaper for the 2 of us to go to a nice restaurant (and most the time we have leftovers portions are big) a few times a week!


and gas was $1.88/gal on Wednesday today it was $1.99...😱😳

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A lot of clothing that is found in department stores is made in third world countries now. It isn't just disposable fast fashion clothes that are made in Bangladesh. Go to a department store and look at men's clothes like dress and casual shirts and you will see linen shirts and cotton button down shirts that cost $60 and up at regular prices made in Bangladesh. 


I bought my husband a nice white linen short sleeve summer shirt on sale at Sears Canada. The shirt is by Point Zero, the regular price was $70 and the shirt is made in Bangladesh. I don't think that most of those shirts sold at that price but that when they went on sale for nearly half off at about $40 CDN I bought one for him. The shirt looks well made and isn't a disposable item. I thought $70 was expensive at full price.


Clarks shoes for women had a slip on leather shoe that was a Today's showstopper on The Shopping Channel in Canada the other day -- the shoes, style Everlay Luna were on sale for about $70 CDN and the regular price was listed at $130 CDN. The shoes are made in Cambodia.



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I've noticed that lately too!!   What's up?????