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@chessylady   Following your lead - I hope!!!!  I'm so tired of getting clothes that are not to the description. As with many at least here sizing has become really challenging. Really tired of the need to return because of this too. Tired of the same old styles by those who bring them here. There are so few 'designers' here they have nothing new to offer, and from one to the next the styles are the same.

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Sounds like me 5 years ago @tarsmom .  Shortly thereafter you'll be looking at all those 'work' clothes wondering what to do with them.  Through the years I've given tons of things away.

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QVC is no longer a customer friendly business.  I too am shopping less these days, but I shop on other sites, not much here.  Too many recent negative experiences to justify giving my business to QVC.

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just a thought....I am ordering less and also my daughter is doing the same. She works from home and wears casual clothes so less need for "dressy" clothes. Working from home is here to stay and could change buying habits.

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@chessylady wrote:

I have not ordered anything from any shopping channel for two months. I decided not to order clothing due to high cost of clothing as well as cost of returns. I have almost any kitchen gadget you could name. I don't think about Christmas until November. I have so much jewelry that I love and it is hard to judge quality and gemstone colors on TV. I think many of my purchases in the past were impulse buys. It seems as if I have gradually evolved out of home shopping.

OMG! When I read this I had to check to see if I had posted this in my sleep. Last ordered 5/23/19. I stopped for several reasons: prices have increased to a point where I just can't justify it; shipping protocols are outrageous and inefficient; the items offered are repetitive and stale;  and, the quality of the merchandise has deteriorated and sizing is no longer accurate.
I never shop in July for Christmas. I also don't shop in January for July 4th.
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I have been staying away from stores more so recently. Forget about

QVC ordering, usually only order on free ship days, like 3 or 4 a year.


Have way too much clothing, shoes, etc. When you look over all you

have, like I do, I realize enough is enough and I don't need any more

of anything right now.


Shop from your own closet.

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You ladies are an inspiration! I am retired for 11 years,

am 67 and due to health conditions my activities are limited. Most of my outside trips are to see my gs, mds and casinos 🎰.

I am still buying too much. I no longer buy much jewelry, but too much clothing—— things too similar to what I already have. And multiples. Drives dh crazy. Since these new increases in prices I have greatly slowed down.


I use these purchases as retail therapy. I can afford it—- but there are better places to put my $.


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I am shopping less and less especially for clothing.  The prices at the Q are just getting too high.  I am retired and really don't need as much as I used to when I worked!

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Re: Ordering Less

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Clothes, shoes, and most things wear out so I still shop, but I always comparison shop first both locally and online before purchasing .....


QVC is becoming less and less of a retail option for me due to their limited and repetitive inventory and programming.......QVC used to feature new and unique items I hadn't seen before, but now they have 3 channels of the same ole stuff, their prices aren't competitive, quality has declined....So I don't watch or buy much any more from QVC...BUT there are a few vendors I do still like and still purchase from on occasion...



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@PINKdogWOOD wrote:

Sounds like me 5 years ago @tarsmom .  Shortly thereafter you'll be looking at all those 'work' clothes wondering what to do with them.  Through the years I've given tons of things away.

I actually stepped away from a more visible job as a branch manager and am now behind the scenes in our corporate office - now that was a shock for sure!  We wear jeans 2x a week (branches only get 1x) and  the dress code is much more relaxed.  Wearing a dress almost looks out of place but yes, I am beginning to revamp my wardrobe for sure!