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I'm getting tired of hearing this as a sale's push. 


It's still 85 here...after Labor Day or not, cashmere sweaters and fur coats are the last thing I'd spend my money on now...threatened w/ "now or never" or not.


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I know, if it weren't for the leaves on the ground, you would swear it's summer.

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 last order offff theeeee yeeeaaaar............lmfao

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I agree.  I think we get it by now.  Smiley Happy

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I'm with you on that, I find it funny.  It's sales pitch and I absolutely refuse to let any retailer push me into buying things I don't need now and won't need for a while.  It's raining now but it's 75 and the prediction is high 70's to mid 80's for the next 5 days.  It's summer even here in the northeast.  I laugh because it reminds me of those white jeans they start selling right after Christmas and the hosts start wearing them with sandals and holler at us  "last order of the season!!!!!!!"   Fine, I'll buy my white jeans in May from some othe   

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Sorry to say this, but the other side of that coin is that I want to know which products are not likely to be in stock two or three months from now.  I really don't want to buy right now because I'll be packing up for my snowbird move, but if I see something I would order later on and know it's very likely not going to be there in my size or color, I might buy it right now.


I also don't watch very much -  therefore, what irritates others because they hear it repeatedly doesn't register with me as a repeat.  I almost don't even hear it -  just as I don't hear the cashier at the supermarket ask if I need stamps or the cashier at any department store ask if what I'm buying is on their credit card.  I know they have to ask.


What's sort of ironic is that because I come here about 100 times as much as I listen to QVC itself,  I do find myself bored with the same old complaints every few days from the same people -  even me!  I'm working on that by keeping track of how much time I'm here and then doing some chore I don't like for an equal time!  I'm hoping I learn something good from my experiment.

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its going to be in the high eighties in Chicago all this week.  We are still wearing summer things and sandals.  It will get cold quick enough.

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They give the same spiel when they present the white jeans in March.  "This is your one and only chance to get these pants for the summer!!!!" (as you sit there watching during a blizzard.  *yup; eyeroll*

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le us savvy shoppers know it is a sales ploy....I am sure it gets quite a few shoppers hitting the "BUY" button........LOL

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I bought a new winter coat when we moved to Connecticut many years ago. After moving to S.E. Louisiana 40 years ago it was never worn, so I gave it away and have no need to replace it, or anything else with heavy wool, sherpa, down, etc.  Just a light weight jacket is all I ever need, and I rarely wear that.  So is it any wonder I hate to see winter come in and all the QVC style shows revert to very warm clothing.  


It's 92 right now in my yard (higher in the sun) and we are often in shorts at Christmas.  I wish they could show a variety of seasonal clothing all year.