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Re: ODO SG tank is overpriced...

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Although I am not a customer of Susan Graver, she has just simply lost touch w/her prices!

QVC owns the SG brand and the prices set are most likely from QVC... It's QVC who has lost touch with their prices.  Unfortunately for the money that is being asked here, plus shipping, plus return shipping if I send it back (which I have more than kept items)... I have now decided to make a day of it and drive the hour and a half to the really good Shopping Mall, try on the items I like and pay (more or less) the same prices (sans shipping) where I can feel the fabric, look at the seaming, notions and make sure it fits before I buy it!!  


WHATACONCEPT!!  Imagine that....  heading back to the Mall!! 

Headed there next weekend. The closest mall to me is about an hour away also, but I'm looking forward to it. 

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Re: ODO SG tank is overpriced...

It's all supply and demand with Susan as it is with LOGO. The more it sells, the higher the prices.

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Re: ODO SG tank is overpriced...

Both Susan Graver, and LOGO items are way over priced, especially when you consider the type of fabrics they use. Susan especially uses cheap fabrics.  

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Re: ODO SG tank is overpriced...

SG's prices have always been too high for what she sells, especially her current offerings where she now charges Louis del Olio prices for her junk. Just MHO, of course.


Diane Gilman on HSN prices are too high as well. I saw several cute items but I did not order because of the prices.



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Re: ODO SG tank is overpriced...

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I think the people who buy clothing from QVC either do not live close to a mall, dislike shopping, dislike trying on in the store, or cannot get out to shop.  There are much better prices out there but their clothing sells, especially the Graver line to their Graver girls, and the Denim and company to all the people who phone in and say they have a closet full of Denim and Company.  To me, I don't mind shopping and prefer to try things on and not spend money on returns.  I live near many stores and can find what I need at a better price, espsecially with coupons and sales.  I do believe people buy for the convenience of shopping from home.  I occasionally buy from Q but for every item 2 items of clothing I buy, it seems at least 1 ends of being returned.  Tired of wasting money on shipping both ways.  As to their prices, yes they seem high but about the same as the stores I shop in, but with sales and coupons I do better.

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Re: ODO SG tank is overpriced...

Her items are way overpriced all of them.

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Re: ODO SG tank is overpriced...

Yes they are a bit pricey, I have about 5 butter knit tops that do not wear out or fade they last for years. I like the Milano knit dress pants, they stay nice also. So if you look at price per wear as they say it's not awful.