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No wonder I haven't had QVC on all day today.  "FriYAY"  is way too annoying--especially from Jane T.

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This post has been removed by QVC because it is unkind to our host

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@Daysdee wrote:

No wonder I haven't had QVC on all day today.  "FriYAY"  is way too annoying--especially from Jane T.


@Daysdee  Especially for that reason.



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I agree. I started watching Q when it was still CVN. I am now 48 years old. That’s a long time. I refuse to even turn the channel on anymore. Notice they refer to it as Q now?? That’s bc the value and convenience are no more. It is ridiculous that they are selling tee shirts for $50 and good luck finding a pair of shoes under $100. I will admit I am a brand snob however this is absurd to me. I remember when Denim & Co was their “value” brand. Have you seen the prices lately?? I can get the same tee shirt at Walmart for under $10. Get a grip Q. You are seriously targeting the wrong the wrong demographic. I used to spend over $10,000 per year on Q. Not any more. Haven’t even tuned in for almost 8 months now.
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My viewing and purchasing habits have changed drastically over the past year. I have purchased one thing (Le Creuset - which I use) in January. There really isn't anything I need. I now have plenty of cookware.


Some of the hosts have become increasingly annoying, so I usually turn the channel.  Some of the product hosts have become even more annoying (Lisa Brady I'm talking to you).  I change the channel and usually don't go back.


I find that I just don't miss it.


Things change. I've changed.

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@Shoe shopper wrote:

This is my first comment ever but in reading the posts, I just have to agree with all on this subject.   All the really enjoyable (for me) items like the collectibles, jewelery, crafts are long gone.  I remember the doll/bear shows and the really unique jewelry .  Progress to not  have any longer?  Maybe,  but if you have been with QVC  forever (since 1992 for me) you miss the items that made you want to buy as you could not find them elsewhere.  Today, most of the items on QVC can be purchase thru Amazon and shipping is in a few days not several days to a week or two.  I have pretty much stopped watching like others only on occasion.


Guess I  am really getting  old as all the young hard sell is just a turn off and the items are of no longer of interest (electronics/vaccum cleaners, etc)


Ok I feel better now and enjoy just reading all the blogs!!

YES! Perfectly put! I too miss the collectibles shows, beautiful jewelry and specialty shows. I remember "Evening Enchantment" with Kathy Levine, where she sold sequin dresses back in the late 80's when it was CVN. Times have changed, but us old timers still miss the good ole' days. 

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 Don't forget their new  " Sunday Funday "  post a photo  which is nice  for cutomers  who want to post photos of themselves doing fun things  on Sunday's

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Ditto here. Watched and purchased for a couple of years, @sue311 " the thrill is over".