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@ellaphant   Sometimes it takes a while to coordinate a death announcement.  I'm sure there was the family and other things to consider first. I think just about everyone liked her.  


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Re: Not respectful for Tova

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@ellaphant    You cannot be watching because I saw tributes all day yesterday and the day before.

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I agree that the tributes from hosts were appropriate and as another poster said, what more do you want them to do?  I think some people just like to complain no matter what they do.

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Tova was a lovely, accomplished woman.  My sympathies go to those who were a part of her personal life and extend to those who felt close to her as a vendor.


I do not think the company was disrespectful by not 

flying a banner atop the Forums.  I just can't imagine she would have wanted more said or done than was done yesterday.



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I have heard several nice tributes to Tova over the last few days on QVC from Hosts. I do not understand why someone is saying otherwise.

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Kathy Levine has a very nice tribute to Tova on her FB page.

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OP here. I do not watch QVC every day nor do I follow Q on facebook. I will say it again, I thought Q could be more generous to Tova on the homepage. Just IMO.

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I actually logged on to see if there was something written on the homepage.

Just a few lines would have been nice.. 

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@ellaphant wrote:

Gee, after all these years with QVC all they can do is a few words on a tiny space on their home page? Really??  Would a picture and a kind paragraph have killed you QVC?

I guess it would take up too much space where you could show another tunic and leggings.

Good grief. Tacky!

@ellaphant I saw Ali Carr and one other host take a minute out of their presentations to say some kind words about Tova.  You might have just missed it.  

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I get hosts mentioned her. I am speaking about the Company making an official statement on the homepahe with her picture. Would have been fitting and gracious to a lovely band long-time QVC partner. IMO - may not be yours.