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No more VPH battery-operated products for me!

As of today I now have 8 doors/lids from various Fall/Christmas decor items of hers that won't go back on unless the batteries are taken out!

The latest item that has this issue is H200743 (musical birds). I ordered was a replacement...and they both had the same problem...nuts!

I returned 1 and the other I decided to keep since I liked it anyway. However, I did give the item a poor review when I got the 1st one. I called CS and since the quality/value is less than what it should be, they are giving me free shipping on my next order, which made me feel better.

However, it doesn't fix the problem...Grrrrrr.

Quality control is lacking BIG time! This has been an issue for a LONG time with Valerie's products and I have read several reviews confirming I am not the only one receiving poor quality products...especially related to this specific battery box issue.

I REALLY get annoyed when a product is continued to be sold even when ratings are WAY below sub's all about the bottom dollar...sell, sell, sell, no matter how poor the product is so we can get rid of it.

Well, after a few years of VPH battery-operated products not showing signs of improvement, I just don't know what to think anymore.

From now on, I will only consider VPH products that are electric or requiring nothing at all.

Ok...rant over...*climbs down off of soapbox* {#emotions_dlg.sad}