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Re: No More "Gourmet Holiday" 4 Me

I have always ordered a LOT of food from Q and been very pleased with the majority.


If it is not good, I have gotten a prompt refund.


I enjoy the variety, quality and convenience.  I find the prices to be comparable to other food services such as Schwanns etc.


Staying OUT of stores as much as possible.  Entire family except for me had Covid and were very sick.  I'll use alternate food sources and deliveries.


QVC food rarely lets me down.

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Re: No More "Gourmet Holiday" 4 Me

I usually do not order many food products but I did buy the Just Bagels, NYC kettle boiled bagels and I must say they are the best bagels I have ever tasted, and I've tasted many.  

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Re: No More "Gourmet Holiday" 4 Me

I have received from Q prime rib which was delicious, ham again very good, meatballs excellent, also steaks - tried Cheryl's cookies everyone loved them also several side dishes accompanied the ham which, again, were very good.  Never ordered foods online prior to thus last year dye to pandemic!


Must say, so far, we have been very pleased with all foods we ordered and will definitely order again.

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Re: No More "Gourmet Holiday" 4 Me

I buy many food items because it is more convenient to stock my freezer with individual servings.  I am older and alone and hate going to the grocery store.  I do not tend to buy the snack items or the items offered in huge quantities.  Most offerings are around the $10.00/serving price which is a little high for some of the choices.  

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Re: No More "Gourmet Holiday" 4 Me

I have only ordered food from QVC a few times.  I did the covered apples like two years in a row.  They were good, but too expensive for the enjoyment we got out of them.  A few years back I ordered chocolates that came in tins that looked like buildings.  I did not think the chocolate was good at all.  Since then I have avoided watching any food shows.  I would rather support my local grocery stores.

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Re: No More "Gourmet Holiday" 4 Me

I ordered those apples many years ago.  Wasn't that all impressed and never ordered again.  I never see any food item I can't get locally, and at a better value.  I know nothing about the Gourmet Holiday specials since I didn't tune in during the holiday period.

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Re: No More "Gourmet Holiday" 4 Me

@Reever   Love your comment! Too funny!  I hardly ever watch QVC anymore. I can't even think of the last time I watched it.  I do not even know who most of the hosts are either.  But I do enjoy these boards!  

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Re: No More "Gourmet Holiday" 4 Me

@Onefineday wrote:

I bought Mrs.P's years ago-- the apples were not ripe at all and the outer layer was as hard as cement. 

Would never order any food product from anywhere again.


I've never purchased these items, as they never appealed to me at all, but I literally feel like my teeth hurt just seeing them or thinking about them.  Smiley Very Happy

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Re: No More "Gourmet Holiday" 4 Me

I have only once been disappointed with a food order and my purchase price was promptly refunded.


KC Steaks prime ribs have always been incredibly good.  They finally just got too expensive for me.


I send Jr.'s cheesecakes to out of town sisters and have several times ordered the pumpkin pie cheesecake for myself.  Always a hit.


I watch for a good price on potstickers and then stock up on them.


Not interested in much else -- snacks, frozen dinners or entrees, rice crispie bars.


Mostly I really don't order many food items at all anymore.



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Re: No More "Gourmet Holiday" 4 Me

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I used to order food years ago but when I watch the demos now, they gross me out.  Plus, I don't believe anything they say. The food is too expensive for me as well. 


The Harry London chocolates I once ordered were as hard as a rock, as were the KIND bars.  Wasn't impressed with Mrs. P apples and the chicken fried chicken with gravy was thawed when it arrived, so thrown away.


I find most reviews are not good either so I don't know why they sell so much food.

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