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I'm a bit late to reply to this thread but I don't check this community site often and thought I could find an explanation to why QVC2 has not been live the past few weeks.


I am a QVCaholic myself and miss the shows but give QVC a break. I think they are doing better than a lot of businesses with their intermediary processes. We are in the midst of a pandemic. I don't think it's worth risking the lives of their staff and crew and warehouse people to have the full load of employees working everyday. Add to that their supplers who may or may not be producing now and who have their own employees to consider. Everyone is experiencing supply chain issues and delays with shipping all over the world right now. 


I am sure as the world slowly returns to normal, within the next year not weeks, QVC will come back to normal. I think they are doing a decent job of presenting their products and getting them to us. And expect this to go on for awhile because their products for future months are not being produced at the same rate as before, neither.


No offense meant, but you could always read a book or watch something else on tv. It's the perfect time to find new interests. I may watch 'way too much QVC too but my life does not depend on it.