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Well, I liked the "night light." Recently moved...regular scheduled insomnia interrupted...didn't realize it's been six months.

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Re: No More Live Overnight?

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QVC2 at least does different prerecorded shows, and not the constant repeating of the same midnight show.  How about a little variety?

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I would have a better chance of watching a live overnight show than any other time LOL.  



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To me, this idea of not showing live shows during night time is just not fair to the people that sleep during the day and work nights.  Wouldn't you call that being prejudiced?


I hate the changes QVC has done.  They are no longer my favorite channel!

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Sales dropped in the 4th Quarter of 2019 and while it isn't directly attributed to the absence of live programming, I believe that much of it was.  I personally stopped shopping after that for about 2 months.

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Overnight programs used to be the trial run for new show hosts. A new host would "put in their on air training" from about 1 AM until sometime around 5 AM Eastern.

You got the chance to take a look at the "new kid" and get the idea how they would work out. Some never made it to daytime. Others made it on to shows of their own.

They got their flubs worked out before going on solo during the daytime. They learned how to hop over all the wires across the floor without making you notice they had to do it. They also learned not to say certain words. Cheaper became less expensive. That sort of thing.